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Thread: Elkhart Lake

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    Elkhart Lake

    Fellas, I need some advice. I am doing a few days family vaca in Elkhart Lake WI next week and I heard there are muskies in there. Anyone fish it offer any advice or is there a other lake in the area like Ra don worthwhile. I got 4 young kids so no time for any good trips this year and just excited to maybe throw a damn lure in the water. I appreciate any advice, thx alot

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    Elkhart is deep(over 100 ft), very clear and best fished early, late or under very cloudy conditions. The boat traffic starts at 10am and it gets pretty crazy out there. Weeds are deep and suspended fish are available. The sunken island/flat can be good. Work the points. Depth Raiders, Bulldogs and 10's all work. They love 12-14 inch walleyes and smallmouth. No gas motors on Sundays.
    Good luck this lake is 10 miles from my house and the fish drive me nuts.

    Random Lake is shallow and weedy. Can be very good at times.

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