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Thread: Kawartha Lakes

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    Kawartha Lakes

    Looking for people fishing in the Kawartha Lakes.

    I had a big opening boating 7 fish.....followed it up last weekend with 2 more. None were huge however action was great.

    The fish tended to be off the first weed edge not shallow as I would of thought.

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    Congrats! Managed one on the opener but from what I have heard a lot of guys got skunked. Mine was off a weed edge in some deeper water like you say, though some big fish were caught by a MCI member on sand flats, which could be a water temperature thing.

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    Tough opening weekend so well done, we didn't get skunked either but they had not set up as expected. We worked hard for what we caught - water temp were all over the place. Likewise all of ours were not shallow, we tried MCI advice last weekend no result, they are also still suspended in basin not even linked to structure

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