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Thread: Moon Myths

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    I'll take Jordan's article in this month's musky hunter as another data point that indicates the moon just doesn't matter. Try as you might you cannot get "effort" data from the Muskie Inc. data. While I don't have direct data I'm inclined to believe musky fishing pressure peaks by more than 5% on most bodies of water during full and new moons. The myth is simply that prevalent. The net effect is no effect! I also find it interesting that there was no effect in Wisconsin. The authors forgot to mention the vast majority of the Muskie inc data comes from Wisconsin! Lunar phases? C'mon folks! If the green beasts from the cheese head state aren't sold neither am I. I hope everyone has had a slimy summer. Tight Lines!

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    Moon phases.....I have always been a guy who believes in the moons influence on fish and game. After all I have been told s much all my life. There has to be something to it. But perhaps not quite as much as we are led to believe. I saltwater fish with one of the best (if not the best) guides in the Florida keys. I asked his preferred moon phase. He says it doesn't matter.....he has seen them chew on every moon phase. He believes other factors have more to do with it such as barometric pressure etc.etc. now I go whenever (except on the new moon which I have always done lousy fishing at night ) . Maybe the whole moon thing is more or less a confidence game. Moons overhead, better concentrate, they are on the move! My philosophy is keep a bait in the water for as long as you can and try and keep the concentration level high. Sooner or later your going to get bit, better be ready.

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    All I know is that I haven't caught any muskies for the past couple of days fishing with the moon down... to just beyond moonrise. (about 6 hrs total effort) I haven't even caught a pike or bass.

    Obviously something motivates living creatures to become active. One of those things is impending rain... how often do you see deer feeding just a few minutes before rain?

    I think we need a Musky Hunter study, where we agree to provide data required to better understand whether current day moon rise/set and full/new moon are significant factors.

    I think that factors (such as yesterday's weather and feeding activity, and tomorrows weather and feeding activity) may influence the impact of today's fishing results, so I doubt we can definitively understand an even larger and better organized data pool, but I'm willing to participate.

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