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I am all for allowing trolling. I don't see the vast majority of local anglers, guides or weekend warriors doing any significant musky trolling. This will help eliminate position fishing and help those fishing live bait. This will be used more by walleye anglers using livebait rigs than trollers using crankbaits. Sure some anglers will troll with boards for muskies and walleye but what's wrong with that. It might help bring more musky anglers back to northern WI, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Much like when backtrolling was allowed there were many who griped and complained but very few who trolled.
Trolling will take out a lot more muskies out of lake and put the small numbers of muskies already into jeopardy even further, how about releasing all muskies in certain lakes to get the numbers back up. I also have a lot of time in trolling and know what its capabilities are and have seen lakes ruined from them like Trout lake alone from just row trollers with walleyes. We have to put or ideas of putting and keeping more muskies in the lakes and if successful the word will get out fast enough and the anglers will show up. One of my worst fears is the unregulated amount of muskies being speared in winter, this I feel is not brought up enough cuz its under the radar but Im hearing sickening numbers come out of local waters. All in all I know one thing for sure is that it gets harder and harder every year to catch them while our knowledge goes up and thats a sad case.