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Thread: Musky Stategy by Tom Gelb

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    Musky Stategy by Tom Gelb

    What an inspiring musky book! Couldn't have been done better! Loaded with some truely monsterous musky pictures, interesting charts / graphs and all of Tom's secrets to his sucess. Below is a story that relates to this wonderful book.
    Last Friday night I went out by myself for some musky rowtrolling and had one heck of a night. ( by my standards) I had just finished reading Tom's book in its entirety so it was really fresh on my mind. I distinctly remember the packs and pairs chapter. I was fishing for only 15 minutes and noticed ciscoes dimpling the surface out in the main basin of the lake. I was marking scattered baitfish (ciscoes) throughout the water column down to 12 feet below the surface over 40-45 feet of water on my graph. As I was getting deeper the school became jagged and choppy on my graph. The school was getting hammered by the babysitters! As soon as I had seen this happening I had a good strike on my left rod! I had a fish on and proceeded to get the musky into the net. The musky was 37 ¼". I took a few photos and released it. After all this I re-set back up and made another pass back to the waypoint icon. ( because I wanted to see and mark down the depth of where I had just caught that musky) I almost always do this whenever I happen to catch a musky or get a strike, just to see if there are more in the area. The results have always been the same every time, no additonal catches, only an occasional strike or nothing at all.
    As I went directly over the waypoint icon I had a vicious strike on my flatline! The musky went airborne and after that neat but nerve racking display I got it into the net! This one was 37 ½” and after a few quick photos I released it. I was just beside myself at this point! I have never doubled–up on muskies rowing before and I was just shaking with excitement! I then immediately thought of the packs and pairs chapter of this book.
    It’s strange, I have been doing the same thing after every catch and strike this whole time and then I go out and read this book , especially the packs and pairs chapter, and catch 2 fish back to back! So I think that’s really coincidental and extremely interesting all at once! Thanks for that Tom!
    This book is magical!

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    Great story. Congratulations.

    Glad you liked the book, too!
    Steve Heiting

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    I'm sorry, but I crack up at the thought of being able to use GPS, but not even an electric motor to troll.

    I'll be looking for this book next week around Eagle River and Minocqua when I come up.

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