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Thread: Pipestone / Clearwater question

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    Pipestone / Clearwater question

    Hi guys,

    Wondering if anybody here knows the name of the resort which is located at the far north end of Clearwater? If I remember correctly, it had docks located on both Pipestone and Clearwater, so that if you wanted to fish late at night after the railroad portage has closed, you can dock on either lake and still be within walking distance of your cabin, regardless of whether you're on Pipe or Clearwater. Does anybody know which resort that is, or if they're still in business?

    Thanks in advance!
    "Jackpot" John Schroeder

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    RE: Pipestone / Clearwater question

    I don't know the resort you are referring to but Trails End has some cabins in the area you are talking about. I think they have docks on both lakes at that location.


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    RE: Pipestone / Clearwater question

    The name of the lodge you're thinking of is Clearwater Lake lodge. I believe.

    Great place. Vince the owner is an excellent guy.

    As you mentioned, a bonus of staying there is you have Clearwater Lake (meso) and Pipestone chain (olig) that you can keep your boat on... both a short walk away from the cabins.

    Big fish in those waters!!

    Darcy Cox

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