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Thread: Yellow lake in burrnett county

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    Yellow lake in burrnett county

    anyone out there doing anything on this lake. The only skie I've had on took a 2.5 lb walleye.

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    I moved up near Yellow 5 years ago. Nice lake and I fished it very hard. I never seen many muskies and caught one 47" in that time. I spoke to a fisheries biologist because it's listed as A2 waters being a numbers lake and I have had much better luck elsewhere. I was told a few bad summer kills have really lowered numbers in that lake. Creel surveys showed very poor results and so did recent fish surveys. I believe there is a few big ones in there still. Wish that lake was a 50" lake, especially with numbers that low and the food sources there. I haven't been on it since late June but another local told me that Jeffries landing had a good amount of dead fish wash up on shore a few weeks ago.

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