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Thread: WOW great tournament

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    WOW great tournament

    Man fished the Butternut tournament this weekend...
    25 fish on saturday and 12 sunday.. 52 boats 7 fish over 40"

    One team had 5 fish ...3 triples ... 5 doubles...10th place was a 41.25"
    Fish were really totals ever in 20 years..


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    Hey Wally! Great numbers there on Butternut! I experienced the same thing on my favorite "area" lake. I went up to my place for a quick trip and we had a five fish day and then I put three more in the boat with a 47 & 48.5 being the biggest. I got the big ones within two hours of each other. My new looking "discount bin" Suick now looks like two pitbulls played tug of war with it! Plus is has a tooth still embedded in it from the 48.5"..... Sweet!

    It's amazing what happens when the water temps go from the mid 80's to the low 70's in a week! I will be back up Labor Day weekend if you wanna get out and fish together, let me know as I may be solo. I think Hunt's will be up as well. Take care!

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