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Thread: Fish kill on the Wolf River?

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    Fish kill on the Wolf River?

    Was talking to my friend when we golfed Sunday night and he told me how the wife and he went for a boat ride on the Wolf from around Winneconne toward New London. He said there were nice pike and a few muskies floating belly up all over the place and his temp gage said 87. Anyone else heard of this??

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    Heard same thing, with pike anyway, on Lake Poygan. Tom

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    Yep and I can confirm a massive kill on Lake Puckaway also. We were there all weekend. First indication was eight dead pike washed up on shore. Next indication was when I systematically drove the boat to fifteen different dead pike in relatively small area.

    On Sunday we had to head up to the Fox River on the west end of the lake and there was no wind. We counted nearly 100 pike belly up while viewing the western shoreline and that was only a small sample of what we could see.

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