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Thread: Glide Bait Side to Side Distance

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    Interesting thread, but I can't help thinking of how do you measure the distance your bait is gliding? Or is just a guesstimate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JEM View Post
    The question is begging to be asked, does distance of glide really mean more fish will hit the lure? Then how do you expain a lure like a Jackpot that triggers by dancing back and forth almost in one spot instead of doing the wider bubble blurping glides that seem to encourage follows?
    I'll take a swing at this......... I suspect that in some cases it does mean that more fish will hit the lure though that may not necessarily be relative to the distance it swings, but the time between direction changes.

    I've done very well with hookups and conversions on following fish with walk the dog type top waters. This flies in the face of what most folks say and write. The difference for me is that I tend to be very deliberate in allowing the lure to reach the maximum swing, be it 3" or 3'. Many strikes come as the lure reaches that point and is allowed to rest (just a moment) before the next advance.

    Mechanical actions tend to be attractive (hence the follows) and interruptions in that scheme are the triggers. The moments' pause to reach maximum swing or a quick "double tap" get a good share of fish for me. Just thinking out loud..........


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    I like the Warlock. Very easy to use, you can control the length of the glide as well as steer it through obstructions by controlling the length of the glide. Great bait.

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    Try a Manta or a TurmoilX by Bikini Baits. Both are long glide lures and top quality.
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    If you balance it right, the original EDDY is about as good as a glider gets!

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