Moving to Florida full time as soon as we sell up here,maybe soon, maybe not so soon.Not taking boat, going to get a flats boat when I get there.
Anyway this has been a really good boat for a lot of years. Lots of Muskies-hundreds.
60 HP Merc. '95 I Think, blew up the 1st two motors,both Johnsons
Two electrics bow-new and tranom-old
48" live well, works fine,bilge pump also works fine
Hummingbird locator, New trailer hardly any miles on it.
Gas gauge only works when it wants to but usually gives me a reading at some point during the day. Probably will need a new steering cable in a year or two.
Carpeting showing it's age,some other cosmetic crap, but the boat has been used and used hard.It will be priced to sell quick, when I'm ready or sooner.