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Thread: Southern Opener offers Rare Moon Phase

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    Southern Opener offers Rare Moon Phase

    There is always a bit of a debate about just how important the moon is in predicting fishing results. Those of us who are "believers" however, will be treated to one heck of a moon effect just around sunrise for the Southern opener this weekend. The orb of the evening will also be in Perigee, offering what appears to be a huge moon to view as well. Naturally, we will have to weigh that against what is clearly the arrival of a 25-30 degree dropping cold front. Still, I will be on Pewaukee with likely 300 other boats and my guess is that I will some pretty loud shouts for "NET" right around the time that the sun goes up just as the moon goes down. We'll see!

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    Junkman ---- the 4 hours before and one hour after moonrise on Pewaukee has always been good for me ,,,, cant tell you how many fish I've got (casting and trolling) within a few minutes of moonrise on that lake ,,, its almost freakie !!! ------- goodluck -------- jimjimjim

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    The moon MAY have had an effect on the crappie fishing last evening. The crappies were going shallow with the rising water temps (62 is the magic number) but were terribly spooky. Spot-and-stalk with a fathead minnow on a single, No. 6 hook, 4# fluorocarbon line, and no weight or float, and drop the minnow six feet from them and they'd spook. Around 4:30 (an hour before moonrise) they started biting, and the fishing was pretty good for the next hour or so. As the moon rose, it coincided with the humidity disappearing as the front came in and they shut off. The front probably had more to do with the fish shutting down than the moon, but what triggered them to bite if not the moon?

    I use the moon whenever possible for muskies and deer, and have seen it affect fishing for smallmouths and walleyes, so I guess it's plausible it may even affect crappies.
    Steve Heiting

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