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Thread: The Jerk vs Big nasty

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    The Jerk vs Big nasty

    I have been going through the archives here and see that people have been throwing the bulldawg magnums and pounders with the big nasty. My problem is that when I put my slingblade in the jeep I have to drive with the window open so it will fit diagonal and that is 8'6. Being that the big nasty is 9ft it will stick out even further. I could go with the big dawg if necessary, however I was wondering if anyone has tried the jerk or classic jerk. The weight ratings seem the same as far as lure weight and line handling.



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    Yes you can use the 7'6" Jerk for fishing mag dawgs and pounders. I used to use it before the 8'6" rods were developed. I still use the Jerk for fishing jerkbaits like Phantoms and side-to-side topwater. In this case the shorter rod allows me to use my wrist to make subtle lure movements I can't perform as well with the 8'6". In fact, the Jerk is the only rod in my boat under 8'6".

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    Thanks for the info. My decision just got easier.


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    I thought this thread was about my ex...

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