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Thread: Mega Millions ... If you win ... ?

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    First I would wait for the money to actually hit my account and keep it quiet. Then I would stand up on my desk in my cubical and do a number 1 on my computer and monitor. Then go to manager that is a nut job and put a steamy one right on her keyboard. After that, I want to buy a resort on Eagle Lake, and a resort in Wisconsin in Winneconne for summer fun and fishing. For winter I would buy a place in Palermo and a place either in Jamaica or Puerto Rico because I like Jerk food and a little brown sugar . I would also buy a 69 roadrunner with a numbers matching 426 hemi, a mint 1989 Chrysler Conquest TSI, a Sunbeam convertable, a Lincoln with suicide doors, a 63 or 64 impala with dayton rims and hydaulics and a boat for musky and a boat for the islands. Plus a drug rehab center like the stars have in california but for regular people that unfortunately get hooked on drugs.


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    i will buy a place in wisconsin and ky.0723

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    Back to work fools

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    Too late now, but I figured I give the 300M I got after taxes to charities, some right away and the rest in a plan that they would get interest for a long long time to keep doing good things. Then when my income tax refund came back I'd give my friends a million or two each and with the leftovers I'd disappear up north somewhere and live fishily ever after. Maybe next time..................................

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    Always wanted an MI-24 Hind helicopter. In working conditions they run about $3.5-$6.5 million and many are fully loaded. Kind of hard to get them into the USA with a working mini-gun

    Ex Navy Seal to be my security for the first few years after I cash the check. He would also need to be a helicopter pilot so he could train me how to fly my new MI-24 Hind.
    Medium size travel jet G5
    A few 5000ft+ "Cabins" on some really nice fishing lakes (with a landing areas for my MI-24 Hind...)
    Best Ranger boat money can buy
    F-650 pickup truck
    F-150 Velociraptor 800hp truck
    New log home or timber frame home on 647 acres of prime deer hunting property for me and the family
    Thats just for starters!! LOL my wife and I just talked about this today.
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    "You know what I would do, absolutely nothing, I would sit on may a$$ all day and do nothing"

    "you don't need a million dollars to do that, look at my cousin, he's broke and don't do sh!t"


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    I get a kick out of you talking about giving notice to you employers. There would be nothing but a vapor trail from the Lottery office to my boathouse if I won, no notice, nothing

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