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Thread: Have You Ever Been Schooled?

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    have you been schooled? yes sir, by little brother no less

    For the record, I only fish muskies 6 days a year. The opener in
    Ontario and then I'm back to my 2 jobs here in the Boston area.
    So needless to say, those 6 days are "important" to me!

    First two years I fished with Dad only, after that we throw
    in my kid brother (who is in his late 30s by now). Year 4 I'm working
    on him to do this or that and he starts nailing fish. 2 fish just minutes
    apart one afternoon. Next day we're fishing my favorite lake in the
    system. I'm guiding my Dad, as kid brother is asleep (!!) in the
    front of the boat. Dad gets a follow on a Silver Spoon, which
    finally wakes my brother up. He promptly catches 2 more in 5 minutes
    (nearly back-to-back, amazing). At this point, the total for the "rest" of us is zero. So far all of his fish are on Mepps.
    Finally I catch a pair on my new fire tiger Mepps, and I'm feeling pretty
    good. My dad catches one and in the commotion of me netting and
    releasing Dad's fish I notice my brother is STEALING the Mepps I just
    caught my 2 fish on. He's actually taking it off the snap while I've
    got my hands on Dad's musky. Amazing. What happens? 5 minutes
    later he's got his personal best in the cradle. On my freakin' fire
    tiger Mepps.

    Now I'm not sure if this is technically 'schooled', 'worked', or 'owned'.
    But he did it all to us that week.



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    Lots of times. Fishing musky tournaments for years, I remember when I thought the bite was totally off, only to approach the leaderboard and find that 30 teams out of 100 caught muskies that day! Lots of second guessing and pacing during the evening trying to figure it out. Fortunately, I have also been on the winning end of tournaments, and know how that feels as well. One lesson I learned from fishing tournaments: musky, walleye, and bass is to stay for the award ceremony and listen to what the top teams/anglers were doing. Go a step farther and afterwards congratulate them and pick their brain on what they were doing. I have never met anyone who has done well and was not willing to share what they were doing. It's amazing how you can pick up tidbits of information that can be a tremendous learning experience. In fact, I learned more at the award ceremonies afterword, than fishing any individual tournament.

    Being schooled in the boat has happened several times. Just don't get frustrated and try and figure out ahead of time, particularly when fishing with someone knowledgeable about a particular water, what lure types colors, etc. the muskies prefer. Also, be sure and ask what type of figure 8 moves the muskies like. Better to know ahead of time the muskies want a figure 8 with quick turns, before a musky shows up at boatside.

    Like fishing tournaments, as your boat partner what they think they are doing differently than you. If they won't tell you or help you, well, they probably shouldn't be a boat partner....just my 2 cents.

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    Got schooled yesterday, and it was awesome.

    My 10 yr old schooled me 5 - 1 walleye fishing in DePere yesterday. I ended up changing colors to match his, and fishing two rods and he still smoked me.

    He is going to be a very good stick. If he does the same to me Musky in Canada this summer at AML I may be a little bit more upset, but will still be a happy dad.

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