So let me clarify what i meant by my post. I said you have TWO teams and they both suck. WI has one very average team, having the cubs and the sox is like having your sisters as your girlfriends.

Heres why i'm glad to be from WI

I can leave to go anywhere without money for the toll
Beer, cheese and sausage
yes chicago has great pizza, I've been to Lou Mulnati's (sp)
say whatever you want but Lambeau field is a cool place
I can catch a musky within plain site of the state capitol or travel up north and catch one in the middle of the northwoods
Can you say buffalo County for huge deer, again, Pike Co is good as well
Our enitre state border is basically water, except for the border we share with ILL, Mississippi on one side Lake MI on the other
Home to the national fresh water fishing hall of fame
Friday night fish fry MMMMM
Home of musky hunter magazine and Rollie and Helens, that's just cool
How about the millions of acres of national forests.

This is all in good fun, home is where your hearts at, for some it's Illinois, for me it's Wisconsin