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Thread: Top Fishing Tackle Brands

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    Some very interesting stats there and adds emphasis to the unique nature of the musky tackle "industry". Musky anglers in general do not have a clue as to how small a percentage of the fishing/outdoors market we represent. It's sometimes amusing to me when a customer says "doesn't XYZ company know that if they made this item EVERY musky fisherman would want one?" In most of those cases we're talking about possibly a few thousand units. Hardly enough to pay for tooling, marketing, etc. I've talked to a number of executives from the major companies and they will frankly tell you the numbers just aren't there. Many lure makers in our industry are "part time" or hobby jobs for their owners. If we even approached a percentage of what the bass or saltwater industry represents many of these small companies could simply not keep up. I see this all the time with companies that are major players in the musky market. In demand items are sometimes not available for months at a time because "our painter is sick" or "we're waiting for a part and can't build anymore until those arrive". Sometimes "musky items" are put on the shelf because they are dedicating production time and machinery to the hot bass items that they can sell a million units of. That is why it's so important for us to support these smaller niche companies that are dedicated to our sport.

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