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Thread: Shore Lunch Ideas

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    I know that spot well! Had numerous shore lunches at that spot over the years.
    I really like that part of the lake over towards Skeet Island and down to Sunset Passage


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    I’m getting hungry reading these!

    The pics of the sleeping fishermen reminds me of a time we had. We had driven all night and arrived with zero sleep about noon to a high pressure cold front with cool air and no clouds. After a couple hours of not seeing a fish, we beached the boat at our shore lunch island a laid back in the boat to rest with the sun warming us. We fell asleep for a couple hours and the waves must have freed us from the beach. I woke up to see the boat in a reed bed on a point down a bit from where we beached it. I was recharged, but I think I sunburned the inside of my mouth snoring.
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    Clam chowder. Open the can; pour into saucepan; heat to taste. Take a Muenster cheese sandwich along; and you have a gourmet meal.

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