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Thread: recommended Jerk bait rod?

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    Short Strike

    recommended Jerk bait rod?

    Good Afternoon everyone:

    I finally have my bucktail/soft plastic and TW/Crankbait arsenal exactly were I want it, My inquiry is this, what type of setup is recommended to effectively work most jerk baits? I have heard 6' rods, seems kinda short, but I can understand the logic. I have been skipping meal$ so top of the line products are not out of the question. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    RE: recommended Jerk bait rod?

    Well, if price is no option, that's a cinch....Legend Tournament Musky. A couple of options depending on preference:
    Classic Jerk
    The Jerk
    Big Dawg

    By the way, those are over $300 a piece. See

    Alternatively, you could go "down" to a Premier, which are still awesome rods:

    Personally, I'll never buy another rod under 8', except maybe a 7'6" Jerkbait rod.
    6' is out of the question - all that will do is cause you a lot of lost fish, especially if you are new to the Musky game. You need some length to work the bait, and to keep some flex in when playing the fish.

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    RE: recommended Jerk bait rod?

    Short Strike,

    What two setups do you currently have? I think it might be easier to find a complementary rod knowing what you've got already.

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    RE: recommended Jerk bait rod?

    No need for a short rod to throw jerkbaits and gliders. Get an 8ft XH even longer. I throw these baits with a long rod no problem and pretty soon i probably won't throw anyhting on a rod shorter than 8'6" long.

    Which end is the sucker on?

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    RE: recommended Jerk bait rod?

    I use a G. Loomis 6'9" in fact I like this rod so much I have two,I know alot of guys use longer rods but i'm of average height and fish in the bottom of my dads boat vs up on a casting deck and or fish out of rental type row boat.If you are tall and cast off say a bass boat type raised deck get a longer rod.

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    Short Strike

    RE: recommended Jerk bait rod?

    My current 2 favorite set ups that come everwhere with me are an 8'6" Premier XH matched with a calcutta TE (bucktails, and big rubber), and an 8' Premier H with fast action, I use for topwater and cranks... I like the fast action tip so I can really whip some of the lighter baits. I cast from the front platform of a crestliner 1750, so I am not to high off of the water, couple of feet at the most.

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    RE: recommended Jerk bait rod?

    Well I would definitely take a hard hard look at a Loomis Steel 25 blank built up by Thorne Bros. I had to make the switch after I broke my favorite Diamondback to the Steel 25 and it is one nice rod for jerkbaits and twitching/ripping cranks, especially 10" Jakes. Mine is 8' which I feel is about perfect and as long as I would go for that application, much more and you just get too much rod slap in the water. One thing that I've found with this blank is that the more you load it on your back swing the better it casts, and it is hands down the best rod I've ever used for casting 10" Jakes, if you've tried it you know what a pain they can be.

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    RE: recommended Jerk bait rod?

    7'6" 'Croix Tourney "The Jerk"....simply the best jerkbait rod--glider and chop bait--I've ever used. $300 for a rod that performs amazingly well and is proving to be incredibly durable. A lifetime warranty is nice too.

    Tan Man

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