Last winter, Feb 2010 I bought a FishTV7 underwater viewing system made by Nature Vision. I only used it a few times simply because I couldn't sit still long enough to use it, always hole jumping. It may have 1 hr of use.

System has
Seven-inch black & white CRT monitor
100 feet of camera cable
Sunshield with Velcro attachments
Anti-spook Fish Cam with built-in adjustable ULTRA RED lights
Adjustable contrast & brightness
FREE Fish TV Softcase
FREE 12-volt power cord included

I paid $199.99 for the fishtv7 from fleet farm, which did not include the battery.
Battery was around $25 and marcum camera compass was $14.99

I'm looking to sell the fishtv7, battery, and Marcum camera compass all for $150.00 plus shipping.

check out for more info on the camera and for more info on the camera compass

email me for questions.

****just so everyone knows because it caught me by suprise, the 12volt power cord is so you can power the system without installing the battery in the back of the monitor (external power source). its not a cord to charge the battery, I had to use my charge cord from my flasher/sonar*******

I can get pic's later, I'm on the road this week with work and will post pictures when I get home.