First post here, wanted to share mine and my buddies muskie experiences and learn some stuff also.

Weve been going to Lake Hudson in Lenawee county most of the summer, this lake holds the state record I guess, well our first trip there we got a nice 35"er and havent seen one since.

Decided to take a trip to Lake Diane in Hillsdale county this weekend where my buddys uncle has a house and hes caught small muskie before casting from the dock. Friday night we didnt have any luck at all, casting, trolling, anything. Saturday morning we got out on the dead calm water about 830, casted for 10 minutes then decided to troll. ( We fish from a 14' flat decked aluminum boat with a 9.5hp Johnson btw. )

We put 4 rods in the water at 3mph, two of mine in the rear straight behind boat about 20ft one was a Mepps giant killer minnow, the other a 6" jointed Rapala perch color probably only diving 1-2ft with the rod angled up. Front two rods, one had another 6" jointed but firetiger pattern trolled 80-100ft back, and a big swimbait on the other. There is a 50ft spring hole in this lake so we we trolling circles right around it.

About 5 minutes into trolling I hooked our first one on my 6" Perch Rapala right behind the boat, this fish was about 30" unknown weight just a little guy. 13 minutes later once we got going again I hoooked the second fish in almost the same spot on the same lure. This fish weighed in at 11 lb 6 oz, forgot to measure it but was ~40". So far a great morning, well we made one more loop with nothing, then on our fourth loop of the morning hit our 3rd muskie in the same spot but this time on the firetiger pattern rapala. This fish weighed in at 11 lb 6 oz again, and measured at 40". I claim that it was the same fish based on the pics but my buddy who caught it disagrees, well never know I guess.

After the trip I was looking at pictures and we had thought that it was about an hour we caught all three in, but I was checking out the timestamps and the first fish was caught at 8:48am, and the third was caught at 9:26am for a total of 38 minutes between fish...and dont forget we had 5 or so minutes with each fish then getting back moving again.

Has anyone ever caught muskie at this rate before? We only trolled for about another half hour before calling it quits.