Fishing was tough but we moved five and lost one boatside Friday night.
Fished with Gare on the Sugar Camp Chain, 1st trip for my Godson. Thanks Gare!! Aaron had a Great time.

Gare has that place wired. Fish moving on every spot we stopped. Gare's 1 handed Watusi cast, and 3 finger reel'n was even able to get them going.

Moved fish on Hair, Gliders, and Crankbaits. No real pattern was detected.

Aaron was schooled at the Gares Guide school of Baitcasting, and he picked it up right away.

He fished like a trooper for several hours without a fish. Gare and I saw a couple but nothing for him.
Last spot of the night he hooks up! The fish hits, runs to the boat runs under it, back out, rolling thrashing, water fly'n everywhere, then gone as Gare try's to slip the net under him.

It has to be me this year, everyone I fish with so far this year has had one on, and lost it boatside when fishing with me. Now it is not a net job failure the net usually never gets wet before the fish gets away.

Parting thought: Gare is part kamikaze flyn down the channel between lakes. The fish chant does appear to be effective in attracting fish. Skullpopper doesn't Suck.