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Thread: WI River Muskies!

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    WI River Muskies!

    2 50" class fish released in our area in the last week and a half? You bet! The musky fishing continues to be very good on the river system, and big fish are showing up to crush baits too. A variety of lures and techniques are working for us right now, making for an exciting and diverse experience. If you haven't had a chance to explore the vast esox paradise that is the WI River system, now is as good a time as any!

    Tight lines,

    Joel DeBoer

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    RE: WI River Muskies!

    I think it is about time to report on this body of water more often. The WI River has given up a decent (18) amount of fish for me this year. No monsters in the boat (1 biggun' misssed, UUGGHH!!!) but quality fishing nonetheless. The water level is down quite a bit, as it is everywhere I am sure. The cooler nights have brought the water temps down to a much safer range than a couple of weeks ago (low to mid eighties) and the action has ben pretty consistent throughout.

    As far as being a "Vast esox paradise," I suppose any water that has muskies in it that's 5 minutes from the couch to the boat ramp is paradise in my book!

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    RE: WI River Muskies!

    Do any of you guys fish the WI in portage county? I'll have my boat up at school this year and want to try fishing from my boat instead of from shore.


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    RE: WI River Muskies!

    I've tried it quite a bit over the last two years with little success. I've tried from the dubay dam all the way to the biron flowage. I think south of the hwy 10 bridge gives you your best shot at a fish. Personally, I don't think there are that many fish from dubay to the spillway. I would go to lake wausau,I haven't fished it myself but hear it is better than the "river".

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