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Thread: Buying New Items

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    Buying New Items

    Last year I bought a new rod/reel. I was able to ask others opoinions, looks up options online, and see it in person. I am now looking for a second reel and would like to see it spooled and cast it in person if possible. I live in the Chicago area and know there are many shows here over the winter that will feature these products. I have seen some models when fishing but would like to see as many as I can before buying. What have others done before buying a new product like a reel especially if spending $150-350. Thanks for the information.

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    RE: Buying New Items

    I did a lot of research last fall as I also wanted a new reel. I wanted something low profile for comfort in my hand all day. I had it down to the Curado and the Revo Toro. Then Joes Sporting Goods put the Revo Toro 61 on sale for 149.99 and kind of made my decision for me. I love my Revo Toro. It casts a mile and pulls double 10's and 13's through the water with relative ease. Hope this helps some :)

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    RE: Buying New Items

    I'm not sure if this can be done, but contact some of the manufacturers and see if they can set you up with a rig to test poolside at the Chicago Musky Show.

    I know they have poolside demos, but don't know exactly how it works.


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