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Thread: Hanson Sucker Harness

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    RE: Hansen Sucker Harness

    Cheeky monkey

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    RE: Hansen Sucker Harness

    Yes they are in stock at Dorn's Sherman Ave and Midvale Blvd. Rickey Ridge in Dodgeville has them also. If you are going to Rickey Ridge for suckers he asked me to tell everybody to call ahead so he knows how many to get call 3-4 days before you go 608-935-2027.
    I used the rigs yesterday got 3 fish on them.
    There is two models one with a single treble hook for suckers 10"-14"
    and a 2 hook rig for those larger suckers. It is quality made by Stealth tackle with a ball bearing swivel 7 strand wire and it comes with its own 1oz weight attached so it is ready to use and is very easy to use no rigging tools needed you can rig the sucker in 10 seconds even with gloves on
    Good Luck,
    Jeff Hanson

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    RE: Hansen Sucker Harness

    so John makes the Hulcano rig and now the Hanson are they different?

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    RE: Hansen Sucker Harness

    One requires excessive costume jewery to operate.

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    RE: Hansen Sucker Harness

    My thoughts exactly Nelson. I stopped to look at the at Dorns. Hanson rig is all wire and comes with a weight. Hulcano isn't weighted and has a fluoro leader.

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