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Thread: Lac Suel Turbo

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    Lac Suel Turbo

    I just bought the middle of the three turbos and I have notice that it doesnt want to fire up right away, the tail spins but it stays sub surface for the first 5-10 ft. Is it the way I am retrieving the bait, malfunction or is that the way it is?

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    RE: Lac Suel Turbo

    I have never used them before but if it is going sub-surface at the beginning of the retrieve, it sounds like there might be too much line in the water. Just a thought......

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    RE: Lac Suel Turbo

    Might be a weighting issue. I'd get in touch with Phil Drury.

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    john skarie

    RE: Lac Suel Turbo

    If you are using a flourocarbon leader they will sometimes drag the nose of a topwater down.

    Thin steel leaders work better. Sounds crazy, but flourocarbon is made to sink and they will bring down the nose of a bait much faster than thin wire will.

    I was using flourocarbon with some deep diver Wade's Wobblers. I would give them a long pull and then a long pause. I was in clear water and noticed that on the pause the nose of my lure would dive straight down and my bait would be completely vertical, like a thill float. The flourocarbon completely killed the action of the lure.
    With a steel leader the bait hovers horizontally, like I want it to.


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