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    I am fairly new to musky fishing was wondering when do you throw tails with hair compared to the tinsel or silicone or doesn't it make much difference. thanks for any help

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    RE: bucktails

    >I am fairly new to musky fishing was wondering when do you
    >throw tails with hair compared to the tinsel or silicone or
    >doesn't it make much difference. thanks for any help

    You're probably going to get a variety of answers here, some saying the slight variances of the different skirt materials "all have their place", but to me, a bucktail is a bucktail with regards to what the fish want. Tinsel is very lively in the water compared to hair, and that may have an influence on whether or not it gets a musky's attention. Personally, I like the tinsel material. That being said, there is one body of water where I wouldn't trade my Mepps Musky Marabou for 40 double tens. It just flat out produces other bucktails on that water.

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    RE: bucktails

    The easy way to decide is this; if others are catching them on tinsle use one with tinsle, if they are catching them on hair, use hair.

    A little more technical info would be that hair supplies bulk and lift where tinsle does not. So, in situations where you want the bucktail to run higher and perhaps slower at the same time, use hair.

    I doubt whether hair or tinsle makes near as much difference as blade size, shape, and lure weight. Plus fish will prefer to eat different sized bucktails under different conditions, so again dressing doesn't seem that important on the list of contributing factors to a lures success.

    Another advantage of hair is you can use teasers, like twister tails or small blades, on the back of bucktails without the horrible tangles tinsle causes.

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    RE: bucktails

    When I really started paying attention to bucktails I let Mepps do the talking first........they do their homework, and we reap the benefits.....what a lineup.

    Then fine tune your selections after that.......and maybe move up to bigger blades if necessary........just don't overthink it.


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    RE: bucktails

    there are SO many other presentation factors that you need to perfect before you worry about tail material -IMO .....I might even put it behind color .....and that too is WAY down the list. If you get boat control, cast angle, speed, depth, blade type, blade size correct.... skirt material and color dont matter 99% of the time. IMO

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    RE: bucktails

    If I go large it will be a DGC,Eagletail, or Giant sized Ghosttail.
    in the middle Rizzotail,Bucher (both fluted or Willow blade)or Shumway Flasher (this has doubleblades and Maribou)
    Or smaller Mepps Giant Killer or Musky Killer (willow and French bladdes),Rizzo wiz and Maribou (the wiz has a tube jig on the back)or Shumway Funky Chicken (maribou tail)
    And I even throw a Mepps 4# Maribou at times.
    I'm also a fan of safty pin spinners, M&G,Marv's,andShumways.
    Start the season out small and slow and move up in size adn speed as the water warms then go slow again as it cools but keep the size.
    You can down size in cold front or if fishing presure is heavy.
    You can use a slow small in the fall too.

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