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Thread: Need YOUR advice - a boat

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    RE: ranger 692?

    When I bought my boat I chose the '05 Johnson Two-stroke, because the newer models burn cleaner, they have awesome torque and speed, it was $3000 cheaper than the DFI(plus the problems), and the E-tec had just came out. I did not want to go through their "bugs" either, so I went with the old reliable! That was the hardest thing tolet go of, in selling the boat, I wanted to save it for my next one! The Merc XR's are a good motor also if you run across one on a rig it should do you fine! Good Luck "Rig Hunting"!
    Buddy Ellenburg

    Take a Kid fishing they'll have a Lifetime of Memories!!

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    RE: ranger 692?

    that 692 max power is a 175hp. also, your re-power although it's a great idea on the right boat will all of a sudden turn that into a $20-23k boat so make sure you love it as a hull (which you likely will) before looking too far at the re-power vs. looking for a newer 619 or 620.

    boats tend to add numbers really, really fast ...

    and that didn't even consider the money you'll spend on electronics, trolling motor upgrades and maybe some re-rigging to suit what you want etc...

    i got my 690 cheap and have invested around $3-4k on accessories so a re-power would take me over $20k on an $8k front-end bargain ... on a '94 boat.

    it makes that $15k Champion with 200hp and a kicker look really, really good!!!!

    LOL ... always fun playing with buying, trading and selling boats.

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    RE: ranger 692?

    Buy the Ranger and never look back. The Merc small block (and big blocks for that matter) EFI's have been as bulletproof that a 2 stroke motor can be. As Steve said, gas usage will depend heavily on how much throttle you use. My 2S 225 EFI was VERY thirsty when I was pushing it, but I knew that going in.

    As J-sled said.....isn't shopping fun!!!

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    RE: ranger 692?

    bigguyone, you realy missed out on a nice boat. I bought Buddy's 04 Lowe stinger. It's set up to fish without doing a thing but put oil and gas in it. Thanks Buddy, I love it.

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    RE: Need YOUR advice - a boat

    I'm rather confused too. Have you ever owned a bass boat before? or driven one that will go 50+ ?

    In my opinion, Tracker hasn't changed over the years from the early 80's where possible. Just look at some of their used boats. Oh, I'm sure you might find a boat where the owner just didn't use it.

    From what I have been reading from the responses, the responses have been good. However, I don't think you have any idea what you really want. At least, that is why I'm rather confused over this issue.

    Oh well, this topic keeps me interested even though I feel you don't have a good idea what you really want..or will be happy with...(smile)

    Hope it works out for you

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