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Thread: New on the forum

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    Ron T

    New on the forum

    I am humbled by the species

    A novice.

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    RE: New on the forum

    >I am humbled by the species
    >A novice.

    Me too.

    Not a novice.

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    RE: New on the forum

    Over 500 and I`m still humbled, boggled , confused and yet I still manage to cacth one now and then, they piss ya off, get ya mad, make ya dream of the huge ones that got away and yet I still go looking for a fight with them........:o x( still better than sittin watching a hallmark or lifetime movie with the wifey!!!!!!:7

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    Short Strike

    RE: New on the forum

    I have found that buying an obscene amount of lures makes you feel less humbled, just my take on it...

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