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Thread: Trolling Spinnerbaits

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    RE: Trolling Spinnerbaits

    I'll give another thumbs up to the MMBaits SST. It is a VERY well made spinnerbait and it put fish in the boat for clients last year. I only one SST to use last year, but it was good enough that I loaded up for the '11 season. I mostly used it in summer and don't troll very much that time of year, usually just when it's really hot and people need a break from chucking lures all day. I ran it alongside the propwash at times or back on a long line and mostly ran it over weeds and along weed edges. It was a good producer considering how little trolling I did last summer.

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    RE: Trolling Spinnerbaits

    Does anyone make a plain 5oz. spinnerbait that is available to paint and assemble on your own?

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    RE: Trolling Spinnerbaits

    I do custom bodies up to 2.5 oz. currently, maybe soon up to 4 - 8 oz.

    I can also extend tying collars, to add more hair, tinsel or rubber.

    Painted or not painted.

    Everything is relative to running depth. Blade size, weight, speed, line Dia, tinsel, hair, rubber, ect.

    I sometimes run 2.5 oz spinners 15-17 ft, with 1, #7 willow. without drop weights. Running depth of waters from 6" to 20 ft, are all achievable with experience and time on the water. Like others stated, their are other tools to reach Max depths.

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    RE: Trolling Spinnerbaits

    This is a great way to find fish and cover water.

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