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    Sling blade or big nasty

    How would the sling blade or the big Nasty hold up in the cold for hard hook sets while sucker fishing?
    I would think so since they are made for big Dawg Type fishing.

    OK all you St Croix...
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    RE: headbanger tuning question

    perchoreno; Go ahead and email me;

    I will fix your problem

    Thanks ;-)

    You should not have to tune unless fin got bent. All are water tested.
    I do like a somewhat...
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    RE: Double Dawg/Shallow Dawg

    The hellkat lure is made in Slinger wisconsin. Smokeys bait shop handles them, or I can get you any color you prefer. I do not pour this bait, but a friend from high school makes them.

    I pull them...
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    RE: Soft Plastics With Hook Molded In?

    You really do not have to pour the plastic onto hook. Simply take a nail or ice pick, bore a hole where you desire, and push treble onto plastic grub body. Then super glue to hold in place.

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    RE: Double Dawg/Shallow Dawg

    If you want even more hang time than the shallow dawg, try a Hellkat. They have been out for about 3 years now, and a dream to work over shallow rock and weeds. It is similar to working a weighted...
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    RE: Trolling Spinnerbaits

    I do custom bodies up to 2.5 oz. currently, maybe soon up to 4 - 8 oz.

    I can also extend tying collars, to add more hair, tinsel or rubber.

    Painted or not painted.

    Everything is relative to...
  7. RE: The Musky Hunter TV Show: Episode 9 This Saturday

    Hey Jim ; Really enjoyed the short line trolling show. I can relate as I do much of this in Southeast Wisconsin to avoid the presure. I do use slightly different lures but do get similar results,...
  8. RE: looking for Old style CHROME DEPTHRAIDERS

    Possible trade river, Frenchy le-lure globe, Vintage bagley's...db3 mags or db04's. Vintage Bobbie bait in original box, old wooden pikies, old collector bass lures, some in original...
  9. RE: looking for Old style CHROME DEPTHRAIDERS

    Kev; Please email me at email above

    Or let me know what kind of Cash you are looking for them.

    Thanks....JIM...or call me at 262-538-1259
  10. looking for Old style CHROME DEPTHRAIDERS

    Looking for old chrome depthraiders. They have been known to peel easy. Any condition!!! Willing to pay cash or can swap custom baits. If you would be willing to part with the old chrome raiders...
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