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  1. Thread: Braid

    by Finnz922


    I am using 50lb Suffix 832 on one of my combos is that enough for musky? Is there a general consensus on what brand is preferred and what lb test?
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    Who makes the best leader

    I was told that it would be a good idea to buy the guy taking me out musky fishing for the first time some leaders. Who makes the best fluoro leader, steel leader, and titanium leader?

    To the...
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    Musky Double 10's Questions

    What do you guys think is your most productive color? I have been reading that it is more about presentation, speed, and mood of the musky more than it is color but if you had to choose favorite is...
  4. Who makes the best "how to" DVD for beginners

    Is there a high quality dvd that demonstrates a good foundation for beginner musky fishing that is out there to buy? What videos do you recommend?
  5. This is going to sound stupid but I'm going to ask it anyway

    How does a musky hit a moving lure and what does it feel like? I have watched some videos and some of them are just bone jarring hooksets! I watched a couple of guys set the hook and then it look...
  6. Sounds good jimjimjim and rudedog. thanks for the...

    Sounds good jimjimjim and rudedog. thanks for the advice!
  7. jim I know but the tackle monkey has got hold...


    I know but the tackle monkey has got hold and I wanted to pick up something, You know what I am saying..

    What is the lightest rod you use for musky's?
  8. Another newbie musky angler needing some advice

    I was recently invited out to a buddies place to do some musky fishing. Not sure of the lake yet but it is near Waseca, MN this September. He is going to provide me with the gear but I would like to...
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