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    Milwaukee Muskie Expo Lure Swap

    Hey guys,

    I'm assuming some of you are planning on attending the Milwaukee Muskie Expo this weekend.

    In case you hadn't heard, there will be a lure swap this Saturday night (February 15), at...
  2. Thanks for the detailed reply, Steve. Yes, I...

    Thanks for the detailed reply, Steve.

    Yes, I agree that you don't want to cast / troll too deep.

    We plan to modify the approach on our upcoming trip. One line will be the standard Jake /...
  3. Here's a link the other thread which I had...

    Here's a link the other thread which I had started a LONG time ago, and has shaped a bit of my thinking on this issue....
  4. Suspended Muskies on Trout / Cisco Based Lakes

    Hi guys,

    I'm a bit confused by something I saw on an episode of Lindner's Angling edge, specifically with respect to suspended muskies on cisco based lakes.

    James Lindner said that in early...
  5. Jakes, Ernies, Triple Ds for sale or trade

    Hi guys,

    I have too many 10 inch Jakes, as well as regular sized triple Ds and Ernies. Most of them are custom painted (see pics), and most of them have never been used. I will be bringing them...
  6. RE: Diel Vertical Migration of Planktivorous Pelagic ...


    Thanks so much for all your help with this! I really appreciate you taking the time to put so much detail into your responses. This might make me think differently about a few 20 footer we...
  7. RE: Diel Vertical Migration of Planktivorous Pelagic ...

    Thanks for the replies, JEM and Travis!

    I had somewhat forgotten about this thread, too, until 3 days ago. I am currently on vacation in Perrault Falls, and Cliff Lake is one of the lakes I'm...
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    Downrigger Fishing Question

    Hi guys,

    Heading up to Canada in 12 days for some musky and lake trout trolling. Here's the question... (mostly for the trout fishing on downriggers)

    I'll be using the Chamberlain release...
  9. Here's What I'm Selling at Milwaukee Swap

    Hi guys,

    I built 2 of these lure hanging racks back in September, but I've thinned out my lure collection quite a bit since then, so I only need one of them. The rack is 7 feet tall by 8 feet...
  10. Lures and Bait Hanging Rack (Madison, WI)

    Hi guys,

    I'm "thinning the herd" a bit on my lure collection. Have quite a few duplicates that I'm selling. Have lots of bucktails (Mepps, Windels, Eagle Tail), a few jackpots, a Suick, and a...
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    Where can I find...

    ... a good musky reel bag, to accomodate 10 to 12 musky reels? I seem to remember Rollie and Helen's used to advertise them in their catalog, but can't seem to find them now. Can anybody point me...
  12. Rod for Trolling BIG Baits? -- Suggestions please

    Hi Guys,

    If I want a rod that will withstand the punishment of trolling 14 inch Jakes, 13 inch Grandma's, Hookers, Legend plows, Big Believers, Talonz, etc what should I be using?

    Do I need...
  13. RE: Diel Vertical Migration of Planktivorous Pelagic ...

    AWESOME info JEM! Thanks for taking the time to be so specific. I'll be fishing the Pipestone / Clearwater Chain Aug 19-29. Will definitely use the info you've provided and report back at the end...
  14. RE: Diel Vertical Migration of Planktivorous Pelagic ...

    Thanks for the response, JEM. So if I'm reading you correctly, on Trout water you're saying that the muskies just stay put at whatever depth zone they happen to be at, and they stay there all day...
  15. Diel Vertical Migration of Planktivorous Pelagic ...


    Translation: Should I run my Jakes shallower at night than in the day? I'll be doing some trolling on trout water in 3 weeks and would like some pointers.

    Thanks in advance,...
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    Ziggy (or Ziggie?) Lure Question

    Ok guys,

    What in the heck is a Ziggie Lure? I have just been on two different resort websites (one an Eagle Lake, ON site and the other a Pipestone Lake, ON site) each recommending Ziggy (or...
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    16 inch Grunt - Reviews Please

    Hi guys,

    Anybody ever troll the 16 inch Grunt Lures (basically an oversized Jake / Grandma)? If so, please provide me with any opinions / feedback, and how you think they compare to the 13 inch...
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    Longlegged Lake Question

    Hi guys,

    Anybody know if there is a public boat landing on Longlegged / Stork, if we're camping in the area and want to go check it out for a day or two?

    Thanks in advance for any info,...
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    How much are MHM back issues worth?

    Hi guys,

    I've got a bunch a MHM back issues (dating all the way back to the beginning in 1989 or 90). I'm doing my spring cleaning a few months early and need to thin the herd a bit. Wondering...
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    Pipestone / Clearwater question

    Hi guys,

    Wondering if anybody here knows the name of the resort which is located at the far north end of Clearwater? If I remember correctly, it had docks located on both Pipestone and...
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    Pics from Lake "X"

    Hey guys,

    Two weeks ago, Gerard Hellanbrand (muskie nut) and I hired Captain Mark Mickelson for an outing on Lake "X" (Sorry I can't disclose the exact details. We paid far too much for the expert...
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    RE: Pics from Lake "X"

    Oops, I'm not sure if the uploads worked. Hey Gerard, if you read this, why don't you try posting the pics. I'm a bit inept at doing this.
  23. RE: Where can I find a good temperature gauge?

    Thanks coldfront. I see Cabela's also sells something similar called the Clinefinder for about $160. Anyone else know of any less costly alternatives that would accomplish the same thing?
  24. Where can I find a good temperature gauge?

    Hi guys,

    Anybody know where I can find a good digital temperature gauge for not only surface temps, but also at depths (specifically for finding the thermocline)? Any name brands you can...
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    RE: H2O Hardhead - Feedback please

    Thanks for the responses guys! One other question... which size are you finding to be most effective this time of year? I think I may only be able to buy it in either the large size or the small...
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