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  1. Acouple more pics from a great Memorial Weekend on Madison Lakes

    Here's a couple more pics my son sent me last night. Yesterday (Sunday) was another great day of musky fishing on the Madison area lakes. Many follow-ups again with one fish following several...
  2. Early Start to Memorial Weekend Madison Lakes

    Here'2 pics of my son and his buddy with two of the fish caught on Friday in Madison Lakes. They had 9 musky follow-ups and boated this 41" beauty. My son is holding a 21" large mouth in the next...
  3. Bass caught with musky lure in Madison Lakes 5-26-06

    Here's my son's 20" bass caught with musky lure on Friday, one of the bonuses of musky fishing.

    Good fishing and have a great weekend everybody!

    Swede Risberg
    Wapiti, Wyoming
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