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desertgrins esox
08-18-2009, 08:12 AM
Just found out a guy I skate with passed away at age 39. Way too young to go. Which has lead me to start thinking about my own mortality, and why I am still even here. I've done and been involved in alot of things that shoulda had me taking a dirt nap. This has made me to wonder, what was the closest I had come to meeting my maker?

The biggest one was when I was out in DC, I was out partying w/ my friends and left the bar at bar time. I walked in between 2 parked cars and was hit by a 3rd car, which threw me about 30-40 feet. Only thing I had was a cut on my cheek and a cut on my back, plus a horrible hangover the next day.

Anybody else care to reveal their "life before their eyes" incidents?

08-18-2009, 08:56 AM
I was coming down Hicks Landing Road in Fifield WI driving a dump truck loaded with gravel, the brakes went out about 1/3 of the way down the hill. My good friend was in front of me at the stop sign in a pick up truck and saw me coming, he took a right so I had to take a left turn onto Hwy 70 going way to fast. The dump truck made a complete roll and ended up in the ditch. I was not wearing a seat belt and I walked out the windshield with only a cut on my shin from the shifter. I wondered for a long time how I made it through that one with one little scar for my trouble, after my first daughter was born I realized why. I am also so thankfull that no one was coming down the hwy for me to hit.

Jack Pine
08-18-2009, 08:57 AM
Had Bulbar Polio when I was 16 not many live to talk about it.The Priest came in and gave me the last rites,I was kind of out of it,later that night my nurse a real pretty native American girl brought a glass of water and what she said was a fish egg, it was really a clear marble,and told me to watch it and it would hatch.The doctors gave her credit for saving my life,bought enough time for the crisis to pass.
Three of us on the HS football team got it that fall the other two were not as lucky.
After a long recovery the school had a big deal for me and gave me my 1st OB motor-nice.5 horse Elgin used it for years.
Pretty lucky ever since except the day we missed the airport at Warroad and almost got wet or dead LOTW.

Mortality is a funny thing,when I hear of someone younger dying I say that's too young to go,when they are older I say they had a good long life but when they are exactly my age it bothers me---strange?

08-18-2009, 10:03 AM
snowmobiling about 7 years ago outside of hayward, wi. running my Yamaha 700 two-up at the time. early morning, was riding some of the road side slopes off of hwy 77 - up to the road, back down to the trail, up and down. on my way back down to the trail for the last time i was coming down a little hot and at a bad angle. i was doing about 40 mph or so and realized i was most likely going into the trees. i didn't have picks on my track so i was thinking juicing the throttle hoping the track would grab and change my angle wasn't an option, and if it failed i was heading into the trees on my sled. Since i already had a huge lean going from riding the hill I decided to bail, and try to make my self small (slide on my back and brought my knees up to make a ball as i headed into the trees). well i slide about 8 ft before i came to a real sudden stop. my left leg just below the knee smacked right into a tree and it didn't budge an inch. i layed there for a minute taking inventory, and everything worked. hopped up onto my feet and looked at my sled. it didn't hit a thing but a branch popped of its windshield. My buddy who was following rolled up as i was getting to me feet. he asked how it felt and i said it hurt like MFer, but everything was working. Told him any crash you can wlak away from is a good one, and rode the rest of the day. my lower right leg was swollen for 6 months before it came back to normal. got a couple of new plastic screws for my windshield at the Round Lake Marina and preceeded down to the Chief Lake Lodge on the flowage where i bought a t-shirt that said "Dying Naturally is for Pussies" after that move i thought it was fitting.


08-18-2009, 10:04 AM
Took the kids on a trip to Cancun 3-4 years ago. The red flags were out, but everyone was out swimming, so we were too. I got out way too far, and got caught up in the riptide. I'd paddle like crazy, then the waves would take me out further. No matter how hard I tried to swim, I was losing ground (or water) by the second. I actually felt a kind of peace come over me as I figured, "Well, at least this is a nice place to go." I was way, way too far out, when I turned around and saw my daughter. She was on the swim team in high school, and is now the head coach of a high school swim team. I yelled out that I was in trouble, and she said, "Put your hand on my shoulder." With ease, she towed me back to where I could put my feet down.
By the way, despite her efforts, I've never been able to swim. When I got my Scuba Diving certification the instructor just said, "Some people are positively buoyant, some are neutral, some are negative. You're r-e-a-l negative." Must be all the muscle. :+

08-18-2009, 10:42 AM
One frosty early March morning I decide to hit the Dells dam for some early season walleyes and Saugers. It is Spring and the water is raging. I climb over "the pipe" and I am working my way to a point with an eddy. The problem is the water is so high that I can not take my usual route. Instead of walking back into the forest and finding an easier way I took the "easy" way and walked along a semi-bluff 30 -50 feet above the raging water. I slip on some ice and since my hands are full I start to go towards the water. I threw my rods up high and grabbed a lonely root, hanging above the water with a minnow bucket in one hand and the life saving root in the other. By this time others had seen me and rushed over to help me back on the bluff. They were all amazed that despite my near death experience, I hadn't lost any of the minnows.

08-18-2009, 10:57 AM
Have had 3 real close calls. The first involved a motorcycle going 70mph with no shirt, just shorts and no helmet. My bike quit running suddenly and my buddy hit me and we took a big spill with semi's going right between us and our bikes. Spent weeks in the hospital in the burn unit to replace a lot of skin.

The second was when I pulled up to work and saw all my co-workers chasing two guys through a field. I saw our lady estimator all beat up and figured out she had been mugged and everyone else was chasing the bad guys. I drove my car and caught up and passed everyone else and chased on foot. About the same time the lunch truck saw what was happening and passed me and started chasing on foot. The bad guys had enough and fired two shots with a 38. I can tell you what one sounds like when it whizzes past your ear by about 1". The lunch truck guy got out a 45 with hollow points and hit the shooter in the chest twice and he was dead before he hit the ground. I was done chasing anyone for any reason after that.

The last close call came mowing my yard about 15 years ago. A car passed by real slow but it didn't really alert me to any danger. They turned around and timed it so they would catch me at the corner of the yard and pulled up about 6' away and a kid aimed a gun at me and fired at close range. He was aiming at my head but I put my arms up and turned slightly as he fired. I knew I was hit but not sure where but there was a lot of blood on my chest so I figured I was hit there. Ran into the house and got my keys with the full intent of catching them at the stop sign and ramming them with my truck and killing all four of them. If they were still alive I was going to back up and hit them again, I was so pissed.

They got away so I went looking for them but couldn't find them. Went back home and the cops were already there with my panicked wife. We figured out I was shot in the bicep with a 22. I hosed it off, finished mowing and went to the hospital. The bullet is still in my arm since I was way too chicken to let them dig it out when I saw a giant needle and scalpel.

The shooter turned out to be Curtis Mathis, the TV manufacturer's grandson.

Weird thing, even though my arm was twice the size it should have been and black and blue I never was in any pain.


Old School Musky
08-18-2009, 05:57 PM
I worked for Gulf Oil Company in Ohio, driving a small tanker.I had been having some issues with the brakes and told my Boss, the breaks are getting bad and need to be checked.My buck saving Boss, put it off and put it off and I reminded him many times.Well finally the chance to meet my maker arrived I had 1200 gallons of gasoline and 800 gallons of diesel fuel driving down a country road about 50mph.About 50 yards from a major highway I started slowing down then hit the brake pettle that went to the floor.Heart started pounding faster and I realized I was in major trouble re pumped the breaks same result.Im now about 25 yards from a major highway and reached down and pulled the emergency break to no avail.My thoughts were I cannot go thru this intersection, I have one choice to swerve right and hope and thats what I did I took out the stop sign and the next thing I know the truck is completely stopped in a pile of mud.Got out of the truck walked up to the nearest house called the Highway Patrol then my Boss.Boss, shows up with the company pickup gets in the truck gets it unstuck and takes off.State Patrol guy shows up takes a look and then gets in my face and says you did not do this with this pickup, I responded no sir my Boss came and took the truck that brakes went out of.I get back to the plant Boss, calls me, in his office bitches at me and says he got fined $250 and people wonder why im crazy! O.S

Old School Musky
08-18-2009, 06:06 PM
Sorry for the typos just recalling that nightmare scared the heavens out of me God, knows im glad to be here! O.S

08-18-2009, 08:06 PM
Capt. Dave, sorry about your friend. Seeing it's 9:00 p.m. and I'm too lazy to fill a page with stories of the close ones, I'll just say, I'm happy to awake each day and nothing life throws at me will make me think I'd be short changed if I were to go up the chimney tomorrow.