View Full Version : Lures and Bait Hanging Rack (Madison, WI)

01-14-2011, 06:27 PM
Hi guys,

I'm "thinning the herd" a bit on my lure collection. Have quite a few duplicates that I'm selling. Have lots of bucktails (Mepps, Windels, Eagle Tail), a few jackpots, a Suick, and a few miscellaneous crankbaits remaining. Baits are $5 each. I prefer to sell locally, unless you're buying in sufficient quantity to make it worth my while to ship.

I'm also selling the lure hanging rack which is pictured. I contructed it in such a way that it is extremely portable, and can easily be taken apart into the 13 pieces which comprise it. Rack can accomodate up to 300 walleye lures (3 rows at 100 hangers each), and 225 musky lures (5 rows at 45 hangers each). Due to the size of the rack, it would not be economical or feasible to ship, so I will be selling it locally (Madison, WI).

If you would like more info, the best way to reach me is on my cell phone, which is 608-333-1011

"Jackpot" John Schroeder