View Full Version : 14" Tubby Tubes-Bad retail packaging sale

Tackle Industries
11-02-2010, 07:35 AM
FYI-I had some of my 14" Tubby Tube lures that had bad packaging and I am willing to sell them for $10 each plus shipping. I have a few in all colors so just let me know what model numbers you want and how many. Send me an email to james@tackleindustries.com with what you want and where you live and I will shoot you an invoice. Enjoy the tubes and I hope it saved you some money.

I also have all colors and both sizes (84 total colros and sizes) of my MegaD SuperDs with bad packaging. $12 each for those. VERY good price vs my competition selling at $25-$32 for pounder size swimbaits. I am sure the musky will ot care about the bad packaging ;)

Tubby Tube colors:
MegaD colors: