View Full Version : muskie rods and reels

07-13-2010, 03:38 PM
8'0" medium heavy Fenwick I added 2 extra inches to the butt end as well so the Rod totals about 8'2". Won in a tournament a few years back and I never use it.Asking ($100) Brand new it's over $200

9 foot custom built Professional Edge xxxh St. Croix. Great for throwing pounders or even bigger. Only used for less than a year. ($120) was a $300 rod.

7'7" G loomis medium bucktail rod awesome rod for finnese fishing, jigs, etc.
($100) was $240 brand new.

Abu Garcia 7000ihsn spooled with 80lb courtland. Used about 2 times. ($100)

Daiwa Millionaire spooled with 80 lb courtland ($80)

email me. jeff13live.com I live in the twin cities pick up or meet me in the area for delivery. I can send some pics if interested.