View Full Version : pike lake chain... lotsa action

09-24-2009, 12:44 PM
Just returned from our annual trip to the northwoods. We went back to the pike lake chain (off rt.70) and man were the muskies active! Even with boat problems the first 4 days we still managed to put 8 muskies in the boat with 2 more gettin off boatside, 4 shakin loose mid-fight, prob. about 15-20 follows and one fish that was AT LEAST in the upper 50s that followed to the boat took a right turn, just sat there for a sec (just so I could see how big she was) then took off... WOW, is all I could say. It was the biggest fish i've seen in the water and it coulda taken a bite out of the 49.5" I caught last year!
Fishin was so good we didnt ever have to switch off to bass or walleye because of the constant action! Surface temps were in the low to mid 70's and almost all action was on topwaters. All of our fish were released rangin from 32' to 45" CPR PLEASE! when the muskies are actin like that, it could hurt a population if bunch of guys start takin "just one for the wall". good luck guys!