View Full Version : Ottawa River Aug 8 & 9 Report

08-11-2009, 08:26 PM
Hey there everyone,

I've been a long time follower of the site and finally got off my butt and signed up. I've been muskie fishing for about 5 years, landed a couple 47 inchers, a 45 incher, and a bunch of smaller ones.

I by no means consider myself an expert but I am learning and have had some great days on the water.

For the past couple of years I have auctioned off a fishing trip at my office to help raise money for different charities. This year a co-worker won and we hit the water this past weekend.

He came out with me last year but nothing would compare to this trip. We started trolling with some spinners and only 45 minutes in we have a fish on. It took a while to get her to the boat, but what a beaut! She hit the fudally Hawg spin and took the entire thing into her mouth, only leaving a blade dangling where we could see it. Believe it or not, only one hook was actually hooked, so a quick flip of the pliers and the whole thing came out without any harm. A few quick pics and a measurement and she was off...48 inches!!! My co-worker had beaten my PB by an inch in just a matter of moments!

After letting her go it was back to some trolling. About an hour and change afterwards we hooked into a nice fiesty 38 incher.

By this time it was nearing 11:30am and he decided he would call it a day. I declined the offer to go to lunch as I still wanted to see if there were more to be caught.

I began casting a large flat when I noticed my leader had begun to fray. I debated putting a new one on and whether or not a fish would actually break it or not. After a few seconds of pondering I decided that it would be better to be safe than sorry, so a new leader was on my line.....And thank God!

Not 10 minutes later I had my reel screaming. I managed to bring her to the boat but she was staying deeper than I could see. She ran about 100 feet. I wrestled her back and finally caught a glimpse. This was no ordinary muskie! She ran again and again and each time seemed as though she wasn't even trying, but each time the line peeled as though attached to a mack truck.

About the fifth time I brought her to the boat she was in the net. I took the hook out and waved another boater to come and help me with some pictures and a measurement. She was a whopping 52 inches long. A new PB and it capped off a great day of fishing!

A 48", 38", and 52" muskie!

And to top it off, I took my brother out on the Sunday and we landed two more in the high 30" range! What a great weekend!



PS, when I figure out how to put up some pics I will