View Full Version : French River - 51

09-12-2007, 07:40 PM
Hit the French River with two buddies for four days.
We saw it all in terms of weather, from gale force winds to bluebird cooker to cold overcast north winds. The wind and rain got so bad Friday night that we ended up just picking up our packs, leaving the tents (which were being blown flat), and getting a motel for that night.
However, during the day, Friday was a big one. We put in at about 10am, and by 11 or shortly thereafter switched over to trolling a main basin that we know holds lots of fish, including some big ones that have been seen.
At 12 o'clock my rod doubled over and it was game on. I've never had to fight a fish in wind like that and let me tell you, it's a task. She got slack line at one point (I thought my heart was going to stop), the boat was drifting quickly towards the rocky shoreline, and my buddies had their backs to me and didn't see me waving from a hundred yards away.
When I got her into the net it was nearly heart attack number two, as the Believer got caught with the fish still attached really high up in the net; thought she was going to shake off the hook and leap right out. Did a not so smart thing (wouldn't have for a smaller fish) and reached under the gill plate, grabbed her, and shook the hooks out while they were still attached to her and the net.
Finally my buddies saw me and motored over. JP jumped aboard with the camera and assisted with getting the Believer out of the net and taking pics. It took a bit to get her back in shape in the winds, but after swimming around up top for a few minutes (both upwind and downwind) she was all good.
After the 48" in July I wanted to get two more inches before the year was out, and this heavy gave me three - 51" and built like they're supposed to be.