View Full Version : Weekend report

Dedicated Angler
07-16-2007, 06:34 AM
Fished Deer lake early Saturday
Recently post frontal as rain/storms rolled through Friday night into Sat AM.

On the water @ 4:00am Water temp ranged from 74.4 - 71.7

Now action on topwater, fishing was slow.
We saw 2 fish just hang'n out. One would just swim along with the boat as we casted, Disappear if we tried to catch him, and reappear if we left him alone. These fish are just not right !!!

1 Bass on a DC10 that was exactly 1" larger than the bait.
Downsized lost a 40'ish fish boatside to keep the losing streak alive.
had 2 slow/low follows on sucker colored grannies straight cranked anything fancy was to much for them.