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06-18-2007, 07:41 PM
i don't know how many of you are familiar with Lac Seul, more specifically the northeast section in the Chamberlain, Wapesi, Pine Island area but i am completely stumped. We have been going up to Lac Seul Outposts in Chamberlain Narrows for the past 5? years. The first 3 years only one guy in our group of 8 seriously musky fished. This guy has been up there twice a year for the past 5 years and still hasnt boated a musky, though has raised many. Last year i got seriously into the musky fising scene and there were 3 of us who threw at them pretty hard, to no avail. There are guys in camp that are boating 2,3, 5 fish a day and many fish in the mid 40's up to low 50's range. We predominantly use Topraiders, buck tails, Jackpots, Docs, Bull Dawgs, Reef Hawgs, and shallow and depth raiders. We have tried everything from trolling to casting and just can't seem to get hooked up with a musky. Wouldn't you think that we would just pick one up casting at some point? even if it is just a small 30 incher? it is very frustrating yet it is only fueling the passion. Any help would be much appreciated. We know Lac Seul is a superb musky fishery, which is evident by the replica of the 63" Jacobson fish hanging at the lodge. Our fishing ranged from the 3 Sisters Rocks/Gastmeir Rocks area to the Pine Island region, including Tom's Landing, Wapesi Bay, both of the chamberlain narrows, scaler lake and all in between. If anyone could steer me in the right direction to help me hook up i would appreciate it immensely.
thanks again

06-18-2007, 10:11 PM
The first thing you should do is hire a guide closer to home and have him tech you all the basic fundamentals.
From picking the right rod,reel,and line,sharpening hooks,synchizing your retreve,figue 8 how and when to work your lures and on and on.
I'm not sure what time of year you and your crew fish but i would pick one and go at the same time of year every year.
I've never fished here but I know it's a huge place so I would pick a small portion and learn every rock ,weed, stump and the names of all the Muskies that live there.
Alot of very skilled fishermen fish this area so it receives alot of intelligent fishing presure,so everything you do has to be perfect to up your odds of catching fish.
The full moon of Aug. is a peak time on this water,but you won't be alone.
Grinding a spinnerbait,noisy topwater lure,Twich a big minnow bait.
After you learn part of this lake try night fishing but be very careful.
Last but not least have the camp owner mark your map and ask other fishermen for tips.

06-19-2007, 04:54 PM
very good tips and i appreciate the insight. As far as the figure 8 and rod and reel and that type of stuff i pretty much have that down. We usually go in late july to early august. The problem seems to be, which you mentioned, is that although the fish dont receive alot of pressure, the pressure that is given is very intelligent so these fish seem to be wary. Like i said earlier we have seen fish, had follows, had them come out of the water after topwater baits, we just cant seem to find a definite pattern. We have fished the opportune times (first and last light) and that wasnt any more productive than when i had one come out of the water after a doc midday over a weedbed. Im trying to use the basics that i have learned through reading numerous articles, blogs, and information from experienced individuals as yourself. If anyone has experience with the Jackfish Narrows, Chamberlain/Wapesi area any info would be appreciated, doesnt have to be your hotspots or bait choices just something to stear me in the right direction. Thanks again

06-19-2007, 07:53 PM
I too have been fishing the area the last five years and have grown frustrated with it. My experience is a litte different, though as I've been fortunate enough to boat a couple of nice fish and my dad landed a 52".

What I'll say may not help much for this reason...I've caught and seen muskies in all types of structure. Also, I've only fished it in late June/early July.
45" off of a rocky island north of camp.
47" on a mid lake reef with rocks sticking out (very low water year).
40" in cabbage bay
34" in the same cabbage bay about five minutes after the 40"
47" in stumps
32" in a short stretch of cabbage

and the 52" came out of a current area, with nice rock structure.

This is probably all the stuff you're already fishing. So, sorry if it doesn't help. I know there are some true giants in here and it's what keeps me coming back to it.

Good luck this year and let us know how you did. I am actually headed to the Ear Falls section of the lake in less than two weeks. No muskies, but hopefully some giant jacks!


06-21-2007, 11:36 AM
I would suggest trying large spinner baits very shallow both slow rolled grinding and/or burning them high over the thick weeds. Also, try areas similar to the rock at the top of Chamberlain Narrows near the creek inlet and the rocky point directly Southwest of Pine Island. These types of structures always hold fish. Chamberlain Narrows holds fish all the way North to South with it's current and small "holding pens" as DP describes. The pine Island rocky point is similar to hundreds of areas that hold fish. You'd be surprised at how big of a fish holds in the ultra shallow water. Good Luck!

06-25-2007, 04:34 PM
glad to hear the feedback and that im not the only one frustrated. the rocky hump that sticks just out of the water at the top of chamberlain by the creek inlet was fruitless last year we casted it on a picture perfect night right at sunset we went all along that weed bed and into the creek inlet to to no avail. we have seen many of the muskies we have raised around little chamberlain and between camp and the entrance to scaler. how about wapesi? had really good luck up there with the pike but no muskies although a group of guys in camp caught four there the same evening we were there. we know there are monsters there but cant seem to find them. then again there is so much structure with all of those reefs and cliffs along the north (?) shore and all the way back into the river where it is lined with weedbeds. a few of the fish we have seen have raised the hairs on my neck, thats why i keep casting my a** off :7

07-10-2007, 03:13 PM
As a local resident of Lac Seul I only get up to the north end once as year for a week, you mentioned Wapesi--the issue is wow, what a lot of water, all I can say is make sure you fish the entrance thouroughly! The south end of the lake has been fairly decent this year.