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Dedicated Angler
06-04-2007, 09:35 AM
It rained Sunday night.
The rainbows were out in force. At one point we had a double going.
Water temp 70 - 71 degrees
Water clarify was good

My baits look great in the water !

Dedicated Angler
06-07-2007, 07:47 AM
Fished White bear lake last night.

I actually saw a Bear.
He wandered along the shore over a dock then over the raod and off into the brush. We could not make it over close enough to get a picture but it was a young black bear all leg small body.

Fishing report
Water temp 67-67.5
Lost one fish that came off in the net (Monster). I have caught a number of 40-45" fish and One 55" This fish was pushing the 55 mark.
We caught 7 pike mostly small biggest was 31".
I had 2 fish chase a glider and turn off at boatside.

06-08-2007, 05:28 PM
DA that is awesome -- that is a season/career in one outing! You weren't drinking were you?

06-09-2007, 11:36 PM
DA, Sorry about that, I miss read your message. Sorry to hear about the lost fish that was so close. Were you alone doing a single handed net job or do you have a friend feeling pretty bad right now. I had a friend lose a similar fish in a craddle that was dropped by his partner while trying to lift the fish out of the water.


Dedicated Angler
06-11-2007, 07:17 AM
Fished WBL on for the Metro Musky Tourny.

Water Temp was 67 degrees
Started at 4:30 AM fishing walleyes. Could not get a bait in without it getting picked up by a crappie. They were so thick you could walk on them.
6:00 AM Start.
High Sun brisk wind out of the SSE.
Trolled a few spots no dice on the ultra aggressive fish. Moved in and casted for a while. One hook-up and a lost fish Boatside. Mid 40's
One other fish up an a glider but he missed it, and I could not raise him again.
We put on a Pike clinic. I stopped counting at about a dozen. We caught them on gliders, hair, cranks, topwater, plastics.

06-14-2007, 08:59 AM
I fished Tonka for a few hours yesterday with not so much as a sniff of the lure. Lots of jet skis & Yachts cruizing around. Maybe it is too warm?? :7

06-18-2007, 10:12 AM
I was out on Forest on June 10th. Hot and sunny with temps of about 71.

I was also on Forest this last Saturday, and temps were up to 78-79, quite a jump.

Not seeing much also, although I did have some cloud cover on Saturday for about 2 hours.....:-)

I am not sure if it is the temps, but I usually at least see fish, only two follows for my partners this year to speak of.


06-18-2007, 05:49 PM
Fished Forest on Tuesday, June 12th. Lots of floating weed debris made fishing difficult. We hooked and lost one fish on a spinnerbait in 3 feet of water and raised another shallow on a bucktail. Other than that, a long night of pulling weeds off baits.


06-19-2007, 11:34 AM
I fished for a few hours on Father's Day with no luck. My Brother-in-law caught a small bass and that was about it. My buddy is getting married soon and we are all fishing on Forest this weekend for his batchelor party. Hopefully we will have some luck!

I fished a very small lake East of Minnetonka yesterday. In 2 hours of fishing I caught a 6 pound, 10 pound, & 11 pound Pike. Talk about awesome! The Ski fishing has been slow so far this year but that renewed my interest in landing some big fish.

Dedicated Angler
06-22-2007, 07:17 AM
I have to be bad Luck this year.

My buddy and I went out on the Croix last night.
Water temps ranged from 74.5-77.5 degrees
We managed to catch
1 sauger 20" Rattle trap
2 walleye 15" Rattle trap, wades wobbler
1 Pike 27" Rattle trap
As per my season my Buddy lost about a 40" Musky boatside.

I had about a dozen blow ups on topwater with not connections.
I had a little pike 12" or so try and eat my top raider 3 times as I walked it around the boat. That was fun to watch, he would miss and stop about a foot away. The bait would keep going and he would turn and shoot forward miss, stop about a foot away and try again. The little bugger had some serious seed on him.

Dedicated Angler
06-25-2007, 02:29 PM
I did not get out musky fishing this weekend but did get the kids out for a while.
4 fish were caught 2 walleyes, and 2 Smallmouth
Sat AM water temp 75 on the Croix

Went out again (Croix)with some folk in from out of town Sunday night
Water temps 77-80 depending on where you were.
WBL was reported to have the same water temps.

06-26-2007, 11:26 AM
Fished Forest last Thurs evening. Surface temp was 78. Pond weed is gone (except for perhaps a little in 14-16') and the shallow weeds beginning to develop. Nice cabbage in spots but you've got to spend some time to find it. We only raised one fish and only heard of two small fish caught. Most guys where throwing either Cowgirls or Bulldogs. Bulldawgs in 16-20 semed to be moving some fish. Not much going on shallow.

Fished White bear Sat and Sun am. Water temps 72 Sat, 74 by Sun noon. Lots of muskyhunters out Sat and again, a lot of people throwing Cowgirls or Bulldawgs. I raise four fish Sat - three were small and over shallow rocks with a small Phantom. Came back Sun and caught the 4th - a fat 46" - using a Grandma around an isolated patch of deep cabbage. Never saw another fish all day - not even a pike. Plenty of weeds - lots of millfoil - and some deep cabbage but again I had to spend time finding it.

07-01-2007, 06:10 PM
IF any of you guys are looking for a partner to fish some of the metro lakes i would be happy to join you. My fishing partner is on sebatical in South America for the year so i am flying solo.

Am pretty flexable about times and dates.

Let me know.


Dedicated Angler
07-09-2007, 09:16 AM
Fished Bald Eagle Friday night w/h Phoenix.

Water temp was 84+ when we launched and 81 when we pulled off the water.
Lot of floaties and it's getting green.

fishing was slow, Phoenix had one bass on a top raider, and one other fish hit after dark on an 8 but never pinned up.

I has one fish blast right out of the water after a bugled bucktail but the fish missed clean. Quite a sight.

Thats all folks

08-01-2007, 08:32 PM
Anybody fishing the metro these days? Forest temp was 84-86 on Sunday - probably shouldn't have been out there but I hadn't been out in almost a month and couldn't resist the full moon day. Was a waste of time anyway.

Dedicated Angler
08-03-2007, 09:37 AM
Fished WBL this morning
Water temp 78.5
Fair number of floaties.

Moved fish right off the bat but could not hook up. My partner was throw'n a rumbler and the fish were all over it. 3 real hot follows 1 blow up. One fish went around the 8 2 time swam off came back again went round again and split. New guy - 1st figure 8 fish. I think if he had turned a bit wider it would have been a done deal.

1 MONSTER fish doing the head up just tease'n thing. This thing was a tank.

Another odd thing
I have never had a terminal tackle failure until today. Snap broke off on a cast and my good phantom was lost to the deep.
Here is were it get real odd 2 minutes later My partners snap broke off also, 1 custom thorne's DCG lost to the deep. 5 minutes later my other partners line breaks on the cast. That DCG landed in shallow enough water that it was recovered. 3 failure on terminal tackle inside 20 min.

Mike Wallace
08-03-2007, 09:16 PM
Tonka friday morning - water temp 78

One slow and low follow in about 13' on a Flatfish south side of Big Island

One attempted on a bucktail and we missed just outside of Excelsior Bay.

Off the lake at 11:30

Dedicated Angler
08-17-2007, 09:04 AM
I was out on WB looking for the giant I saw last time out.
She did not show herself but I still know where she lives.
I didn't check the water temp today, so No update on that.
We had multiple fish up on Topwater that tried hard to get hooked but nothing did. We did manage to see the fish and they were all in the high 30's low 40's.
I had two fish slam a bugled DC-10, I watched both fish hit it from the front right at the blades. Since DC-10's don't have 2 sets of hook I think that cost me.
I know that burning a Double 10 bucktail cost a lot my wrist and arms are kill'n me.
My Buddy and I both hooked up on Dawgs on the outside weed edge 14'-18' range. I got a 38", and he got a 41"

08-30-2007, 08:33 AM
Fished WB 8/28 from 1-4 in the rain. Fished shallow, edges, trolled, ... Didn't see a fish. The milfoil is really thick this year and the water is the murkiest I've ever seen it from all the rain. Temp was 73.

Moved up to Forest from 5-9 pm. Water temp also 73. Lost a 45 at the net, had several other short-strikes but fish we not real active - nothing chasing. Slow-moving baits thru the thick weeds. There's some real nice deep weeds this year. Weedline is out to almost 9'.

09-10-2007, 10:28 AM
anybody else fishing these days?

Fished for a short time Sat AM. Big fish were moving before sunrise. Lost another mid-40's that ate a TR in about a foot of water. As soon as the sun came up everything shut down and I only fished 'til 10 am.

09-10-2007, 09:08 PM
I've been fishing some west metro lakes. Not too hard though. A couple hours here and a couple hours there. Some fish that are interested, but not committed.

bustin lips
09-14-2007, 08:13 PM
Tons of active fish tonight, all in very shallow. milfoil and whats left of the cabbage.

09-16-2007, 07:44 AM
This is the first season I have fished Minnetonka. I had really good luck throughout July but haven't seen much after that. What types of baits should you be using now etc? Thanks. Also does it change much as you get into later fall?

09-18-2007, 01:49 PM
I was out last night from 5:30-8:00 and caught a nice 37" Pike, missed a nice fish (couldn't see it) and had one really nice Muskie follow (on Lake Harriet). Fish were in 5-8 ft and interested in Bucktails. Now I used to fish the East side a lot, but now I moved this summer to Richfield and I have to fish Harriet and Minnetonka more due to my location. Harriet is easy enough to figure out, but I have not been on Tonka much. I've only gone out of Grays Bay and heard Big Island is a good spot, but haven't fished it. Anyone have a preferance as to what parts of the Lake are better? I also heard there is a landing near Carlson Bay? How's that for launching and parking?

Dedicated Angler
09-22-2007, 12:08 PM
Fished White Bear this morning.
Water temp was 63 degrees
Weeds are tall and green but some show signs of browning/croak'n

5:15 am I caught a 17" bass on a topwater while waiting for my ride.

Fished Ordways bar early with nothing to show for the effort.

I check in on the Great big fish I saw last time out. She still live in the same area but I totally dropped the ball boatside. Who would of thought that after removing a professional overrun and cranking in just a bit of line would result in a hot follow from a scary big fish.

We had a couple of hits on plastics without a connnection.

3 more cast and we have to quit. Cast # 2 I caught a 30" pike, and my day is over.

09-23-2007, 08:48 PM
Yeah, I was on on WB Sat AM too. 6-10 am. Total waste of time. Lake still hasn't cleared up at all - it's the murkiest I've every seen it. I'm guessing once the lake starts cool again and the water starts to clear it will pick up but right now ???

Mike Wallace
09-23-2007, 10:06 PM
Fished Tonka Sun a.m. and Sun p.m.

sun a.m. west side, 61 degrees, two small pike from sunrise to 9:00.

sun p.m. west side, 64 degrees, caught two upper 30's males after moonrise but before sunset on sucker colored suick in 4-8 f.o.w. and green weeds.

10-07-2007, 08:30 PM
Moved a giant on Sat. pm. on tonka right at sunset. followed the figure 8 a couple of times. Missed 1 a while after sunset too:-(

Dedicated Angler
10-08-2007, 02:29 PM
Fished White Bear Sunday AM with Lals

Water temps ranged from 67 to a shade over 70 degrees. Water levels were up a bit but still quite low.

Worked the usual suspects.

Fishing was slow.

We had a couple of bumps without hookups. I had a hit on a Mag Dawg, set the hook, and just like that she was gone. The Dawg was Just mangled.
Bucktails accounted for a little pike
Suzie Sucker had one go round and round a couple of times but the fish never committed.

Wanted to Thank Lals for the chance to get out. We will have to do it again. Wed. night Maybe?

10-09-2007, 07:21 AM
At what depths are you finding fish on tonka this time of year? I had good luck shallow in July but haven't seen anything lately. Also, what baits are normally best this time of year.

Mike Wallace
10-09-2007, 01:59 PM
The areas I have been fishing this fall are all shallow (<10 f.o.w). This is where I have seen them, but it is also the only place I have fished the last two weeks. Areas like the weed flat between Cedar Point and the Red Bridge.

All of the fish I have seen have been <40 inch fish as well.

Good Luck

Mike Wallace

10-18-2007, 10:49 AM
I fished the west end of Tonka on Saturday and also yesterday. I tried just about everything be didn't even get a follow. Has anyone had luck on Tonka lately. This is the first fall I have fished there and I am wondering if there are other areas of the lake I should be trying.

bustin lips
10-22-2007, 07:42 PM
Forget Tonka, go to Cedar. It really can't get any better than there. Boated 7 in 2 days and missed 4 others. Not kidding, if you really want to catch fish, go there. I won't be able to fish the rest of the year, mainly do to hunting. i just would like to see
some others catch some of these agressive fish. our best was a nice 48". not fat but nice.

10-22-2007, 08:12 PM
Thanks for the tips. What types of baits do you use there this time of year? I have really been in a slump lately so need all the help I can get.

10-23-2007, 07:05 AM
Fished WB Wed with no action so went up to Forest, lost a real nice fish (48-49") at the net. Orange Phantom along a weed edge. Water temps everywhere about 56. Lakes 1 and 2 were starting to turn, lake 3 was still ok.

Sunday went back to Forest and lake 3 was in full turnover - crap floating everywhere. Temp was 54. Didn't bother to check 1 and 2. Went down to WB and netted a 34 (Orange Phantom) and lost one about 40 along a deep weed egde. 2nd fish nipped the back end of a granny but came unpinned quickly, just didn't get enough of the hooks to stick. Water temp also 54. WB is starting to clear up from what it was but has not turned yet.

10-26-2007, 07:41 PM
White Bear is starting to turn. Fished in Thur and Fri nights. Temp was 54-55 Thurs and 52-53 Fri. Water was much murkier Fri with some dead weed floating in the shallows. As soon as I got to the ramp it was obvious but didn't have time to go elsewhere. Main basin was better but the "main event" likely not over yet. Had a few follows, mostly pretty lazy. Lots of guys out fishing that last two nights. Ordways sometimes had 7-8 boats pounding it. The full moon sure bring 'em out, but the fish didn't seem to be cooperating.

Anybody been up to Forest late this week? Is turnover complete and is the lake clearing up yet?

11-03-2007, 10:30 AM
Any reports on Tonka, water temp, turning over? Looking at going out on Sunday.