View Full Version : Kawartha Lakes best month and what lake is the best?

02-11-2007, 04:41 PM
I have been fishing Pigeon "only" for the last six years and have had a few good trips. Every time I go up it is in August or September due to other peoples vacation times. I was woundering if I am missing the best time of the year and or am I missing out on another lake?

02-23-2007, 06:45 PM
Same here - We've been going to the Kawarthas for many years, always in August-October. Over the years we've fished for muskies in all of the lakes and found that each one is unique in terms of structure. Almost all of our catches are in weeds, either in the thick slop or on the edges around marker buoys along the main channel using JMAGs and musky spinnerbaits. You can get topwater action too, but only in the early morning and at sunset -- weedy shallow coves are productive, especially around boat houses. We spend far more time on Pigeon than the others because we know it best and found it reliable for making contact with lots of muskies, and there are some big ones there (largest caught and released was 59", four years ago). Next favorite is Sturgeon Lake. In both cases, the northern ends of the lakes seem to hold the most/biggest muskies, at least during those months. By late September early October, the weeds deteriorate and fishing gets tough. It seems that you've got to find good weedbeds and work the edges. This year we're going in early August and plan to fish Pigeon, Sturgeon, and we're going to give the Upper Buckhorn a thorough workout. If you go into Stony or Lower Buckhorn, watch out for the rocks!