View Full Version : WI River Musky Report

Joel DeBoer
10-01-2006, 11:41 AM
Musky activity has been good in our area, with some nice fishing visiting our Frabill nets for a quick photo and release. Sucker patterned crankbaits such as Depthraiders, Depthcharges, and 10" Jakes have been working well as have deeper running jerkbaits - Warriors, Hatchets, and weighted Suicks have been doing well for us. Look for current breaks adjacent to deeper stetches of the river or large harder bottomed areas adjacent to the main river channel, especially if there is wood, weeds, or any combination present.

Using suckers on quick-strike rigs is also working well. Stagger the depths of your bait to maximize your coverage of the area you are fishing. Large rubber style lures such as Bulldawgs and Big Joes are also responsible for some nice fish being caught and released lately. Experiment with your retrieve style and speed to find what mood the fish are in.

Tight lines,