View Full Version : Wisconsin River musky report

Joel DeBoer
06-18-2006, 03:40 PM
What a resource! From Lake Mohawksin to Lake Wausau, from Lake DuBay to the river stretches between the dams, the WI River system is as fine a fishery as there is in the state. Water temps are for the most part in the mid 70 degree range, and musky activity has been keeping us busy. Several nice fish up to 49" have been caught and released in the area over the past week.

A variety of presentations will elicit strikes from our toothy friends right now - having some of the following lures in your Dunwright Tacklebox will help! The surface bait bite remains productive, with prop style baits (Sputter Ducks, Topraiders) or walk-the-dog type lures (Top Dancers) a good choice. Working crankbaits (Depthraiders, Jakes) and deeper diving jerkbaits (Warriors, Wtd. Suicks, Hatchets) along the deeper weed edges or wood is also producing fish.

'Hair' style baits are almost always a good option on the river, and have been so thus far this season. Both in-line and spinnerbait style musky baits have been taking fish thus far in 2006. Bucktails such as the Weed Warrior in-line series and Blue Fox Vibrax are must-haves. For spinnerbaits try Weed Warriors and Slopmasters. Areas of dense vegetation, wood, and/or shallow rocks with current are all holding fish. Let's work to keep this fishery as good as it is - use that big Frabill and don't hesitate to cut hooks and to keep photo time to a minimum. Catch-photo-release!

Tight lines,
Joel DeBoer