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03-28-2006, 01:51 PM
Heading up to Eagle Lake the last week of September. I've heard various reports; "Fish the West arm late in the season, fish the main bay area late in the season, etc". Which do you think would be more productive? As the water cools down that time of year, are there a specific type of lure we should use? A slower presentation? Color? What is the main forage in the lake? What I've read so far is to work the rocky drop offs as there probably won't be much weed growth left. I've heard it's a trip of a life time and potentialy a very good chance at a 50+" fish. I also heard you might not see a fish all week. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Since we are flying, we are limited to the amount of gear we can take.

04-06-2006, 06:49 AM
Eagle is a big lake, fishing Eagle would depend on where on the lake you are staying? Weed die off depends on what kind of weather there has been during the summer months. Also what part of Sept you are going up? Early Sept weed beds are normally still around, but can also start dying off earlier, depends on what Mother Nature has up her sleeve. Look for weed beds, edges, ledges, flats and points. Don't over look small out of the way places, it you see something that looks to small, fish it, it may well have been over looked by others and that happend's alot. A small flat or point that has been over looked can, does and will hold fish. A few years back I landed a nice 50 1/2 on a small ledge, very small and she was in about 4 ft of water. That was in late August and I had not seem any one else fish that spot. As rule muskie's are where you find them, keep hunting! Lures vary depending on what you like to use, big blade baits, jerk baits and rapala's work well. Keep it simple, look for these these spots and return to the best places while your there and keep looking for new spots. Don't try to fish the whole lake, that doesn't work. Too much water and too many places to hit in a lifetime. Hope this helps, there are monsters in the lake as well as the next world record. You just have to put in your time. Have fun, enjoy your self and Good Luck.

Vince Weirick
04-24-2006, 08:20 AM
If you are going to Andy Myers Lodge...Steve Herbeck will tell you EXACTLY what is going on and where to go and what to use!

Dave F
07-22-2006, 09:06 PM
I'll second that!! We spent the week of July 8 to July 15 at Andy Myers. That was our 6th year. Can't say enough good about it.