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08-23-2009, 10:45 PM
Had a friend looking forward to coming down to fish with me all week and it worked out that we could fish tonight. we got out around 6 or so. At around 7 i had a low 40's hit my bucktail and run straight at the boat and i ende3d up loosing it which to me is no big deal at all but here is where the heart break comes in. I switched rods with my buddy and had him throwing a supermodel! on my next spot he were rounding the tip of a point and i saw a big fish behind the bucktail that my buddy didnt see. so i said nice fish do big figure eights and keep going! on the second time around i told him to go really wide and the fish smoked the bait on the outside turn...he set the hook hard and the fish was thrashing hardcore. i grabbed the net and ran up to the bow to help him. meanwhile this was the first fish he ever hooked. the fish ran straight towards the trolling motor and i grabbed my buddy and tried to get him to run the fish around the bow but he had the rod tip low and ended up running the rod into the motor. When the rod hit the shaft the fish took off across the bow and snapped my rod in half my 80 lb braid broke somehow and left us with a broken rod and a fish upwards of 50 with a supermodel in its mouth. i hope the fish lives i feel horrible of course and i stayed in the area for 20 minutes or so to see if the fish would surface but never did. im furious however because my friend doesnt have the money for me right now and out of all of my combos i have 3 broken croix rods and no ching to replace right now. ohh yeah im leaving for vermilion on wednesday.


Short Strike
08-24-2009, 09:03 AM
Had the sisters new boyfriend in the boat a few weeks ago on vermilion, windy, drizzly, and our plan is to shoot across Big Bay. he gets to the dock in sandals,shorts and a t-shirt, I warn him and he says he's "ayight". so I grin and hit every swell I possibly could, get to a somewhat protected shoreline between Pine and spider Island, hand him my 8' premier with a Calcutta 400B, tell him that he needs a tutorial, his arrogant reply was no, he has fished from grandma and granpas dock before... I blindly figure whats the worst that could happen, backlash, snagging rocks, wrong!!!!!! First cast with a DCG rakes the motor cover... hey at least the spinner got wet, 2nd cast I hear a backlash that would make chernobyl blush and witness an unfamiliar splash, thats right whole setup released from said kids grip and right to the bottom... My fault, yes I am aware of that, but If you are looking for a setup it's in 17' just to the right of that bay on pine island North of Spider Is. Spent an hour with the aqua-view with no success, or help, he just started twittering or some crap... such is life.

08-24-2009, 09:22 AM
Man that's a Nutbuster! Maybe some guys will understand from my recent post that I buy more reasonable priced equipment fro beginners. Losing a favorite or expensive rod is not easy to replace quickly. If you are looking for a good replacement look at Hulberts Musky Armour rod. I fished with my new one friday night threw 10's, topwaters, Kickin'n Minnows and a DC9, with no trouble. I also have been buying some Abu BCX's reconditioned on ffo-tackle.com really cheap, just for the afformentioned reason. If it goes to the bootom of the lake you are not out as much! Check 'em out!

08-24-2009, 09:37 AM
For years I always let guests use my best equipment. I've learned to change my thinking on that as well.

I'm not up to the challenge anymore. I can play, but I'm not up to the challenge. Believe me, I've questioned my decision. I believe it's the right decision. AND THERE'S NOTHING THEY CAN DO OR SAY TO CHANGE THAT.

Brett Favre Retirement Press Conference #1 Transcript - March 6, 2008

We'll never forget you Brent.

Short Strike
08-24-2009, 10:53 AM

My new Hulbert should arrive on Wed. or so, but I have a suspicion it may become one of my new favorites, I am just going to develop a tether system to attach my friends to my gear, like those toddlers running around at the state fairs attached to their parents.:7