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PMTT Adds NE Wisconsin Regional Circuit

To meet the ever-growing demand for local, more regional-type musky tournament circuits, the Professional Musky Tournament Trail has announced its first regional series to take place in northeastern Wisconsin in 2018.

Set on the premise of the regular PMTT circuit, the new regional series will have three qualifying tournaments and a championship, and will also be completely independent from the other PMTT tournaments.

“Each year the number of requests for regional type tournament series has grown. There are many folks who state they cannot make the type of commitment to a major tournament trail for a multiple of reasons, and this will help meet that demand,” said PMTT tournament director Tim Widlacki.

Mostly built on the original PMTT rules and regulations, there will also be some obvious differences as all of the tournaments will be single-day events and have a $100 per team entry. Qualifiers will pay through five places with $1,000 going to the first place team, and the championship will pay through three places with $2,000 to the first place team.

“With the entry fee set at a much lower rate, being single-day events and keeping them local to that region, will be extremely appealing to many musky anglers. It will also give the every day musky anglers who always wanted to try tournament fishing but were hesitant to travel great distances or pay the larger entry fees a chance to wet a line in competitive angling,” said Widlacki.

The 2018 NE Wisconson Series Qualifiers include the Three Lakes Chain on June 2, the Manitowish Chain on July 7, and the Minoqua Chain, August 4. The Championship will be held on North & South Twin lakes on September 22.

Complete rules, regulations and details will be found on the PMTT website at promusky.com.

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